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Current Companies:


Alcyone Lifesciences is an early stage medical device company passionately committed to applying engineering and science to the fields of neuroscience and oncology to enable transformative therapies. Alcyone is developing a proprietary microcatheter technology platform that enables safe, precise, and long term delivery of therapeutics to the brain.


Carmell has created a unique and highly innovative patented technology based on biologically-active materials manufactured from human blood plasma. Their proprietary process binds and cross-links lyophilized plasma into solid and semi-solid plasma-based materials. These Plasma-based Bioactive Materials (PBMs) contain highly concentrated natural regenerative factors that promote healing in various clinical settings, reduce infections, and, as a result, lower healthcare costs.

Medicinal Genomics decoded the first cannabis genomes in attempt to unravel the medicinal aspects of the plant and bring more scientific confidence around its use for cancer, pain management and Hemp production. Medicinal Genomics uses its unmatched expertise in cannabis genetics to develop testing technologies that help growers, dispensaries, and testing laboratories ensure patients and consumers have access to safe, quality cannabis.


Vets First Choice is a leading provider of technology-enabled healthcare services for companion and equine veterinary practitioners. The company partners with veterinarians to create insight into gaps in patient care and offers professionalized pro-active prescription management to drive client engagement and improve compliance. Its services result in better prescription compliance, increased client engagement, and improved practice revenues and profitability.


Senet is the leader in global Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity used to instrument the physical world and enable businesses to revolutionize their operations. Senet provides a new network approach to meet the unique demands of connecting IoT devices at mass scale (Network-as-a-Service). By creating a global ubiquitous network that provides flexible, efficient and targeted connectivity, they are changing the paradigm for how IoT services are delivered.


Micronotes is an interactive direct marketing company that enables brand marketers to buy a moment of time with online banking customers. The company’s software platform provides customized promotions to online bill payers based on their answers to brief questionnaires and tracks the redemptions of the offers. Micronotes improves the productivity of outbound marketing for brands, delivers highly personalized  offers to consumers, and allows banks to offer enhanced online services to its customers.

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Anuncia is developing a pipeline of products to better the treatment of hydrocephalus. So far, Anuncia has developed the The ReFlow™ Ventricular System, comprised of a Flusher and Ventricular Catheter with relief membrane as components of a CSF shunt system. The ReFlow™ Flusher is designed to facilitate a non-invasive flush of the ventricular catheter to unblock inlet holes or open the catheter's relief membrane to restore flow.


Past Companies



(Acquired by KHS&S) Eggrock is the leading manufacturer of pre-built bathrooms in the United States. The company applies state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technology to produce ready-to-install bathrooms for the hotel, healthcare, military and student housing construction markets. Eggrock’s bathrooms reduce construction time and costs while dramatically improving workmanship quality in a room that is critical to guest and resident satisfaction.


(Acquired by Cray) Terascala is the leading provider of highly scalable storage software and systems designed to turn Big Data into Fast Data. Terascala’s LustreStack software suite powers storage appliances that deliver extremely high throughput and performance to some of the world’s most demanding computing environments.


(Acquired by BlueNRGY) Draker provides highly accurate and reliable monitoring solutions that help owners and operators of commercial and utility-scale photovoltaic systems maximize the efficiency and profitability of their solar assets. As a supplier of complete, end-to-end monitoring solutions, Draker provides turnkey systems that combine proven field instrumentation with an intuitive web-based data management system and unmatched customer support. 


(Dissolved) Castlewood Surgical, Inc. is a medical device company that is committed to improving the care of patients with cardiovascular disease. The company's core product is the Cyclone™ System, which allows cardiothoracic surgeons to perform coronary heart bypass procedures without aortic clamping or exposure to foreign material. Castlewood’s product is approved by the FDA and being adopted by leading surgeons throughout the US.


(Acquired by Potpourri Group, Inc.) FetchDog is a catalog, e-commerce, media and information company dedicated to serving the comprehensive needs of passionate dog owners. The company is widely known for its exceptionally broad and high quality dog supplies, its state-of-the-art e-commerce platform and catalog, its extensive on-line resources and blogs, and its charitable activities with shelters and other non-profit organizations.