Investment focus


Harbor Light Capital Partners focuses on investments that are capital efficient (typically raising less than $50M throughout the lifecycle) which translates into investments from HLCP in the $1-$5 million range. We target the “funding gap” for early stage companies, which often occurs between seed funding and the first institutional round, although we also lead traditional A rounds. Unlike traditional institutional investment funds, we are not limited to shorter holding periods (typically 4 to 6 years). Therefore, we make decisions based on what is best for the growth and success of the business in the long term and try to ensure that proper foundational elements are in place.



Early Stage Criteria

  • Information technology and healthcare industry

  • Innovative / disruptive technology

  • Strong intellectual property position

  • Large and attractive market opportunity

  • Proven entrepreneurs and experienced management team

  • Solid operating plan with clear executable milestones

Value Generation Model

  • Engage actively at the board and leverage advisory board expertise

  • Bring relationships and expertise for rapid growth

  • Strategic planning, business development and sales expansion

  • Promote a long-term, relationship-based culture with employees and customers

  • Help syndicate future financing rounds and look for non-dilutive sources of capital

  • Use financial leverage to improve risk/rewards profile where appropriate